A global aquaculture non-profit delivering sustainability improvements for enhanced social, economic and environmental outcomes particularly for small-holder farmers in developing countries



sustainable aquaculture sectors at the heart of vibrant economies and communities operating in harmony with the environment.


to support sustainable aquaculture development through the delivery of innovative, coordinated, networked solutions for farmers, regulators, supply chains and service providers.


ThinkAqua is a non-profit that specializes in aquaculture improvement and innovation


We are a new NGO aiming to provide in-depth local knowledge and responsive delivery approaches to meet our mission of sustainable aquaculture sector development across the globe. We are focused on environmental and social improvement, particularly for small-holder farmers. We partner with donors, non-profit organisations, technology companies and seafood businesses who want to deliver effective improvement projects with farmers, input providers, associations and regulators. Through our international network of partner non-profits we support projects actively contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals


We are creating an experienced, global team to build upon our Trustees' strong track record of successful delivery


ThinkAqua is a visionary organisation building on the many years of experience of our trustees in improvement work in many aquaculture sectors around the world. As an independent non-profit we aim to increase the effectiveness of aquaculture improvement and development initiatives based on the lessons learnt from our teams’ established track record of success in research, development, governance and innovation. Our trustees and advisors bring a high level of professional oversight to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained

Anton Immink

Anton, CEO, brings international development, environmental improvement, research, project and senior management experience from across Africa, Asia and Europe with donors, governments, farmers and supply chains

Will Leschen

Will, Africa lead, has over 30 years’ experience, with a speciality in health management. He also runs SARNISSA

Alex Pounds

Alex, Research lead, is a specialist in knowledge and research systems. She has a strong interest in nutrition and farmed/wild nexus

Simao Zacarias

Simao, Welfare lead, is a recognised leader in aquatic animal welfare, with significant experience across Asian and African aquaculture sectors

Wesley Malcorps

Wesley, Sustainable supply chain lead, understands local and global circular economy issues including carbon, water and waste

Dave Little

Dave is a senior academic with 40 years’ experience in global aquaculture development

Dick Jones

Dick leads a new fish farming company and brings NGO and market knowledge

Aisla Jones

Aisla is a specialist in food chain sustainability and has a passion for international development

Kate Prudden

Kate has extensive experience in environmental and international development multi-partner projects

Graham Hughes

Graham has a lifetime of senior management experience in global industry


Providing aquaculture improvement initiatives with flexibility and maximising community and environmental benefits


Our expertise extends across a wide range of cross-cutting issues. These are some of the areas we will be working on

Farming efficiency

Supporting farmers to deliver greater efficiency through a range of technology and management improvements. Is particularly critical for the millions of small-scale producers who find it difficult to understand and access advances that could improve their livelihoods

Technology innovation

Enabling farmers and regulators to access, understand and improve the latest innovations and data tools for greater productivity, lower environmental impact and reduced disease risk. Creating solutions to deliver technology the last mile to maximize benefits for all

Governance development

Providing regulators with the right tools to deliver policies focused on increasing the resilience and efficiency of growing aquaculture sectors to ensure improved environmental, economic and livelihood outcomes

Health management

Partnering with major aquatic animal health providers to deliver innovative solutions for farmers and regulators to minimize the impact of disease outbreaks. Innovation is needed to tackle disease, which remains a major threat to the environmental and economic success of aquaculture

Certification improvements

Working with market partners to deliver improvements that enable compliance with certification requirements, especially for smaller-scale producers. Opening up international market opportunities and growing the supply of responsible aquaculture products

Action research

Involving end users directly in the innovation process to ensure technological development is fit for purpose and responsive. Linking universities and researchers globally to bring rigor to R&D processes involving producers and regulators

Corporate social responsibility

Delivering programs that fulfil CSR commitments and increase resilience and efficiency through reducing risk and impact. Working with partners to develop meaningful interventions with long term impact that respond to key development challenges and contribute to sustainability goals

Environmental management

Addressing the local and global impacts of aquaculture sectors through innovative uses of technology and creative implementation of improvement approaches. Giving farmers and regulators the right tools to protect the very resources they rely on

Public-private partnerships

Developing networks that enable sustainable development based on economic resilience, social equity and environmental responsibility. Responding to societal and commercial needs through partnerships moving towards joint outcomes


Our founding trustees share a track record from Asia to the Americas. Our new organisation will continue to contribute to this international achievement


Engaging producers, processors and government in the heart of the aquaculture sector. Experience in Bangladesh, China, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam


Supporting policy development and production solutions in this fast-developing region. Experience across Egypt, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Uganda


Working with producers to improve the environmental performance of marine and freshwater aquaculture. Experience in Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, USA and Mexico